Bouquet Series

The Bouquet Series follows the story of the unexpected gift of flowers that brightens even the greyest of days. Hand appliquéd flower stems gathered into floral bouquets are arranged in recycled patterned sari silk vases. Each flower head is made from petals cut from a variety of acid dyed shades of silk satins the colour echoing the colour of the individual petals. The appliqué is further enhanced with hand stitching in rayon threads, defining further the individual characteristics of petals and leaves. The bouquets are arranged in vases that are created using patterned recycled sari silk on a background of over dyed sari silk ribbon that has been needle felted using a needle felt embellisher.

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Woodland Series

The Woodland Series of embroideries explores the glorious colour of the spring/summer woods and parks using embellished hand dyed fabrics, appliqué and hand stitch. These treescape's are formed using a mixture of hand painted and over-dyed sari silk and ribbons. These are then needle felted in multiple layers to form the colour contrasting horizons. The mixed floral hedgerows are the last addition with each flower petal individually cut and hand stitched in place, to add their glorious colour to the final landscape interpretation.

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Posy Series

The work shown is part of the Posy Series representing the joy that a vase of cut flowers can bring to the home is captured through the medium of expressive stitch. Layers of hand-dyed silk capture the bloom moments of the flowers in a variety of vases that are inspired from the everyday ceramics around most homes. Flowers and vases are hand stitched through informal appliqué then decorated with further decorative stitches to capture individual qualities of petal, leaf and ceramic. Painterly backdrops for these displays are created through the overlaying of tonal fragile silks with hints of vintage Liberty lawns adding visual anchors with these expressive embroidered interpretations.

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Garden Series

The Garden series of embroideries capture the riotous colour of the garden in bloom.  These fabric paintings have been created using hand dyed fabrics with machine and hand stitch, to represent the glorious colour of each flower using fuse appliqué and traditional hand-stitch techniques. The multi - colour tones of the backgrounds are evolved through loosely woven backgrounds of reclaimed Liberty Prints and hand-dyed fabrics. Scatterings of contrasting coloured organza and chiffons that have then been machine stitched in place with meandering lines of rayon threads.

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